Secretariat General


✔  Controlling the procedures made by the chamber personnel and units, as the administrative supervisor of the Chamber personnel,
✔  Carrying out the representative activities of the Chamber, in line with the decisions given by the Chamber Management or the Assembly Council,
✔  When necessary, ensuring the participation of the Management Representative to the Meetings of the Board of Directors in the decision-making process related to quality,
✔  Submitting to the Board of Directors the requests communicated by the Management Representative,
✔  Regulating and managing the administrative and bureaucratic works of the Chamber,
  Having prepared the Chamber budget and submitting it to the Board of Directors,
✔  Giving the necessary instructions to the Chamber personnel and supervising their works,
✔  Ensuring the regular keeping and maintenance of records and registers related to the personnel affairs,
✔  Using the authorities transferred by the Board of Directors,
✔  Drawing up the minutes concerning the meetings of the Assembly Council and those of the Board of Directors,
✔  Carrying out the other tasks given by the Assembly Council and the Board of Directors,
✔  Examining and approving the accreditation assessment form prepared by the industry and foreign trade officer,
✔  Examining and approving the draft of the biweekly bulletin prepared by the press officer,
✔  Submitting to the approval of the Board of Directors the quality records prepared by the Management Representative,
✔  Making purchases in line with the requirements after evaluating the requests communicated by the units, submitting the subject matter to the approval of the Board of Directors in purchases exceeding a certain amount, realizing the purchase following the decision of the Board of Directors in this respect (except real estate purchases- real estate purchases shall be realized upon the proposal of the Board of Directors and the approval of the Assembly Council),
✔  Keeping the accession records of the Chamber, ensuring the destruction of fixed assets that have completed their economic lives in accordance with the regulation, determining the suppliers from which the purchases would be realized and establishing the list of approved suppliers, preparing the transportation allowance schedule at the beginning of the period and establishing the transportation allowances of persons tasked out of town by the Assembly Council, the Board of Directors or the Secretary-General, when necessary ensuring the advance payment to be made one day prior to the task date.
✔  Realizing procedures with respect to the assignment of the Chamber personnel, their promotion, penalization and their discharge,
✔  Notifying the members about the changes that occur in their degrees, ensuring the collection of their fee at the beginning of the year and keeping their records,
✔  Keeping the records concerning the annual leave of the Chamber personnel as well as those concerning their health-related and social requirements,
✔  Controlling the conformity of purchased electronic devices such as personal computers, printers etc. to the criteria mentioned in the technical specifications. Approving the procedures of ERDEMLİ Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
✔  Giving decisions with regards to non-conforming procedures, monitoring the corrective and preventive activities,
✔  Informing the top management with respect to any requirement concerning the performance and improvement of the Quality Management System,
✔  Ensuring that the job definitions, authorities and liabilities are explained and documented within the Chamber.