Accounting Service

Accounting Directorate 

Pursuant to the Law numbered 5174 and its related regulations; the Accounting Directorate is the unit ensuring the accounting of all procedures in a healthy and reliable manner by also considering the legal obligations according to the nature of the work to be made. 
The Accounting Directorate shall realize and be in charge of all kinds of computation concerning the Chamber.
 Accruing and collecting subscription fees of Chamber members, their annual membership fees, their additional fees as well as their late fees.
 Carrying out procedures with regards to the sharing of additional fees between the Chambers.
 Carrying out works with a view to preparing the Chamber Budget, making the actual comparison of the budget and reporting the results.
 Informing the Secretary General and the Board of Directors on the expenditures that have been incurred.
 Preparing monthly trial balances, financial statements as well as the year-end balance-sheet and submitting the final account to the related authority.
 Submitting all the records to the Accounts Commission by the end of certain periods.
 Realizing the necessary transactions and payments in line with the budget, by also considering the legislation provisions, contracts and purchase conditions.
 Keeping under control the bank accounts of the Chamber, preparing reports showing the accounts, carrying out deposit account transactions and using them as efficiently as possible.
 Making the accruals and payments of attendance fees to the members of the Assembly Council, the Board of Directors, Professional Committees, the Accounts Commission as well as to the members of other Specialization Commissions.
 Following-up and controlling the advance payments and closure procedures of domestic and foreign assignments.
 Carrying out the relationships between our Chamber and other institutions and ensuring the coordination.