History Of Our Chamber


Erdemli Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been established on 28/12/1968 with the initiative of Erdemli businessmen in the Office Building of the Municipality under the leadership of İbrahim ÖNGEL, Yusuf Küçük, Mustafa GÖRMEZ, Hüseyin AKSAY, Ali BAŞ and the Chairman of the Founder’s Committee was Hüseyin AKSAY.
During the first years following its establishment, the Chamber was serving about hundred persons. In the year 2004, the Chamber moved to its current service building. It continues to carry out its activities according to Article 4 of the law numbered 5174 with a view to meeting the common needs of it s members, ensuring the development of the profession in accordance with its general interests, ensuring honesty and confidence in the relations among members as well as the relations with the public, protecting ethics and solidarity and fulfilling the functions mentioned in this law. The Chamber approves certificates of origin that are required during the commercial and industrial activities of its members as well as the invoice copies, the current prices, the characteristics of commercial and industrial commodity samples, the sole manufacturer and monopoly documents and the expert reports. The Chamber also makes the approvals and annotations showing the register of signatories mentioned in letters of guarantee and letters of undertaking, the approvals of bill guarantees. It issues industrial and commercial documents and capacity reports, allocation and expenditure certificates, quality competence and sample documents.
The Chamber realizes the authentication of signature of our registered members. It issues chamber registration documents and gives copies of the chamber of commerce registration belonging to the members of the Chamber as well as member identity cards and domestic goods certificates.The Chamber also provides answers to written or oral questions related to the registry records that do not contain confidential information on businessmen dealing with trade and industry. It gives a certificate of registration for heavy equipment and provides all kinds of other commercial and industrial documents and information.
According to Article 24 of the Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102, “A Trade Registry Directorate shall be established in locations where a Chamber of Commerce and Industry is present”. Thus, the Trade Registry Directorate established within the body of our Chamber makes the registry records of natural and legal persons with respect to newly established Sole Proprietorship Companies, Joint-Stock Companies, Limited Liability Companies, Cooperatives etc. Furthermore, the Trade Registry Directorate realizes the legal procedures such as those related to natural and legal persons, the registration of general assembly reunions, the registration of Executive Board decisions, share transfers, capital increases, modifications in the articles of association, commercial enterprise pledges etc. in the framework of the Turkish Commercial Code and the Trade Registry By-Law.
Besides the issue of documents, information, expert reports and capacity reports required by the registered members as part of their business activity, the Chamber also protects professional ethics and solidarity, contributes to the development of commercial and industrial companies in accordance with general interests, determines the commercial practices of the region and turns them into commercial customs. Due to its position, the Chamber takes part in all kinds of social and cultural activities performed in the city where it is located and makes material and moral contributions to such activities insofar as permitted by the law numbered 5174.
Erdemli Chamber of Commerce and Industry had been established with a view to shaping the commercial and industrial structure in Bilecik and in the region so as to further contribute to the national economy; ensuring the carrying out of professional activities under better conditions for the members and resolving the problems faced by them. Today, Erdemli Chamber of Commerce and Industry is placed among the prominent professional organizations of the region.