Our Chamber


Erdemli Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a public professional organization established as a legal identity with a view to meeting the needs of its members, facilitating their professional activities, providing the development of the profession in accordance with general interests, protecting professional discipline, ethics and solidarity and fulfilling the functions entrusted to chambers with the related legislation.
The liabilities and obligations of Erdemli Chamber of Commerce and Industry are based on Article 135 of the Constitution. In this framework, in the light of the importance it has in social life, the basic characteristics of the Chamber are established at the highest rank of the hierarchy of norms, which is the Constitution. In this respect, the Constitution is the primary source of occupational organization.
The characteristics creating the identity of Erdemli Chamber of Commerce and Industry with regards to our Constitution are as follows:
✔  Being established with a view to defending the rights and interests of members carrying out this profession and protecting professional ethics,
✔  Being established by law,
✔  Electing its decision making bodies among its own members and using an election procedure determined by the law,
✔  Electing its decision making bodies under judicial surveillance and with secret voting,
✔  Being a public legal entity.
The activity fields of Erdemli Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as the services it provides are subject to the principles indicated in the Law numbered 5174 on the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, the related regulations, Civil Servants Law and the Internal Directive of the Chamber. The Chamber intends to provide better and quality services to all stakeholders. On the other hand, Erdemli Trade Register Office, established within the body of Erdemli Chamber of Commerce and Industry fulfills trade registry services of business organizations according to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, the Trade Registry By-Law and the Act of Fees.